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Voice Hero: The Inventor of Karaoke Speaks
By Daisuke Inoue and Robert Scott
Published December 3, 2013

Daisuke Inoue with his famous invention. Courtesy of Daisuke Inoue

It’s one a.m. The bar is closing but the night isn’t over yet. While milling about on the sidewalk, a friend suggests, ‘Karaoke?’ And suddenly the night gets a lot brighter—and a little more embarrassing.

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Please help do your part in keeping the karaoke info up to date! How many shows have you found using this directory over the years? How many people have found your show over the years using the same directory? Please think about how that took place. How did that information get there? I promise it's not magic!

If you find a show listing in my directory that you are the KJ for or you are a singer in an area (or even not in the area!) and you care enough about karaoke to "claim" a show you can own it. Ownership means that periodically you will get an email (generally every 90 days) asking if the show is still going and if you want to renew it. It also allows you to edit the show or even delete it! With great power comes great responsibility!

First of all let's check to see what shows you already own. If you look at the left menu you will see a link for "Shows I Own". If you don't see that you are not logged in. If you do see it, by clicking on it you will see a list of all shows you already own. If nothing is there you obviously don't own any. Once you are the owner of a show you will see both "Edit" and "Delete" buttons in the lower right corner of the show's detailed information page like this: 

If you are not the owner you can claim the show. To do so simply click on the button at the top of any show that looks like this:

Now, due to technical limitations that button appears on every show even if you already own it. If it is a show you already own it won't do anything when you click on it. If you don't own it a small form will open up allowing you to claim it. Once you do that I will get an email saying it has been claimed and if someone else already own it that person will also get an email. This happens so I can verify all claims. If the venue itself owns it for example, that is the best person to own it as they know exactly the schedule, and status of their own shows. Also, if there are multiple nights and multiple KJ's the owner of the venue would be best to manage it. That's just an example, but the point is that it is best to have claims moderated to eliminate conflict.


Once about every 90 days a system-generated email will be sent to whoever owns a show asking them to confirm the show. What this means is that you need to click the link in the email that takes you to your listing and clicking on the renew link at the top. If you are the KJ of course you will know the answer to that and all you have to do is click to renew! If you are a singer or karaoke fan that has taken on the grand and noble task of helping keep this data intact and accurate you may need to call to confirm the show is still going or if there are any changes. Either way, please know that for every listing you do NOT claim, I.....all left doing it. With all the listings I have it is painfully time consuming for one person so I really do appreciate any help in this regard. I still, after 15 years, do not charge anyone for doing this so my sincere thank you goes out to those who help!

Thanks again...............Steve.

....To Karaoke Across America!

Folks, just an FYI: this site is FROZEN for new show adds and changes temporarily due to an impending site migration. I had to freeze it because it changed every day. This was making it very difficult to migrate.

To search for shows use the menu item above under "Karaoke Shows":

Hopefully it won't be more than a few days, but in the meantime please post info in my Facebook group here:

and please don't forget to "like" my fan page:

Thnk you for your patience and we will be back in service soon! Search functionality and everything else is still intact so have fun and more updates soon!

Stolen from here:

By Dan Zak, Published: August 8

The cabbie idles up to the curb outside Whitlow’s in Clarendon, rolls down his window and punches a number into his microphone.

The synthesized piano chords of “Faithfully” crackle over an FM signal on his radio.

(Dan Zak/THE WASHINGTON POST) - Joel Laguidao, 42, sings karaoke in his cab at night when he needs a break or wants to relax.

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