Just a reminder Q&A for KAA

Howdy! I don't write very often, but I have had some questions come up and since adding a blog entry will automatically get broadcast to Twitter, LinkedIn and of course Facebook I figure this is a good way to handle it!

I add shows as often as a quickly as possible! As any long-time visitors know, I do add the majority of my content personally! That being said, it doesn't have to be that way. You can add your own shows! You don't need to wait for me! If you are registered on my site (required to add your own shows) you can also edit your own entries. Changes/adds always have to be approved, but that is solely to keep SPAM and rogue KJ's from hijacking my site info by deleting other shows!

CLAIMS: When you "claim" a show on my site that sends me an email telling me you want it. If nobody else owns it or that KJ is no longer doing the show it's all yours! We are all adults here, please be nice. Remember that in most cases the show that you are doing now, someone else did before you got there. If you email/message me and say "there is no karaoke at XXXXX bar anymore" I WILL confirm this. I generally do NOT delete any venues any more. I will unpublish them if they stop doing karaoke and have done that, but I don't *delete* them from my site. You just can't see them anymore. If there was a gig at a place and you have seen it on my site, please ask me before you add it if you want to save some typing! If it's in the background I can just re-publish it!

REGISTRATION: No substantive website will allow you to add content without knowing who you are. When you register on my site it is because I won't allow it either. That should be enough explanation for this requirement. Other than adding shows though, there are other things on my site that you may want to take part in! Please check it out!

WHAT INFO DOES MY SITE GET: I have gotten asked this question once or twice. If you want a breakdown please see this TOS page: https://www.karaokeacrossamerica.com/basics/rules
As far as what info I collect from Facebook et al, I only collect your name and email address. However, due to restrictions at Facebook you must agree to their requirements upon first registration. My site uses Facebook like an app does. That means that if you can play Facebook poker or some other timewaster you are capable of registering on my site. PLUS, my site won't steal your identity and sell it to spammers....;)

As always, if you have any other questions, please ask me! I am entirely reachable via email (preferred) or Facebook message. My email is posted all over this site and right here: karaokeamerica (@) gmail.com.

Have fun and keep singing!

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