It's been a while...

Good morning folks! I haven't written in a while, but I wanted to send a reminder about how KAA works.

This site is FOR YOU! The singers....the venues....the KJ's......everyone who finds enjoyment from karaoke! I steer the ship, but the content is for visitors. If there is something that you want to see, I do my best to make it happen! The core content of course being the karaoke directory. This is intended to help people find shows....period!

All that being said, my content is not dependent on you. In other words I do my best to create and offer as much as posisble and I appreciate all the help that the active participants give me....but I do not rely on helpers to create this content. I certainly LOVE IT when they do, but I spend a lot of time doing this....digging up karaoke show info and adding it to the directory. It hppens faster and is less of a load on me when people help, but I have done this since the 1990's and will continue to do it.

Something I have been pretty successful at is digging up show info that doesn't want to be found. The main limiting factor for me is free time. For varying reasons some shows don't want to be found though. Sometimes the KJ's are pirates trying to fly under the radar. Sometimes the venues aren't properly licensed and don't want publicity. Sometimes the karaoke places are just so obscure, in very rural locations and are only known via word of mouth to locals and don't advertise at all. I want to list it all so people can find it! There is no legitimate business reason a business that relies on patrons would NOT want to be found, right?

The reality is that this is public info about public places. If you are trying to hide it just makes my endeavor more fulfilling! I may start a periodic post about "under the radar karaoke venue of the month" and blast it all over.....;)


Thanks as always for the help!
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