8 Types of Karaoke Singers

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Return of the Rants

Welcome to my karaoke editorial page.....;)

I’m sure you can guess what this is for!  These aren't in any particular order, some are from suggestions and some are from my own deviant little mind. I also reserve the right to change, delete, add or otherwise deface anything I want to here as well as anywhere else on my site!

These posts started out as a little project back around probably the  1998-1999. I added to them over time and during one of my site re-vamps they kind of got dropped off at the curb so I'm bringing them back. I'm going to attempt to put them in some kind of logical sequence, but ultimately they are in no particular order...

Enjoy....and please leave comments should you be so inclined! I may be able to turn some of them into additional rants! Remember, I am a SINGER, not a KJ......:)

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How Good Does Karaoke Have to Be to Qualify as Art?

How Good Does Karaoke Have to Be to Qualify as Art?

John Brophy, the mastermind of America’s greatest karaoke night, lives in a well-kept bungalow in a neighborhood of small homes in southeast Portland, Ore. When I visited on a weekday afternoon last spring, Brophy, then 36, wore a ringer T-shirt and dark jeans. His wrist was encircled by a half-dozen bracelets, and his dark hair swooped in front of his face. Like many Portlanders, he’s in a band, called Gingerbread Patriots, although currently the band is on hiatus — the “Shows” section of the Gingerbread Patriots Web site is empty but for the words “2009 will bring shows shows and more shows!”

Read the rest here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/20/magazine/portland-karaoke-scene.html?pagewanted=1&_r=4&

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America's Best Karaoke Bars

Another karaoke honorable mention!

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How To Add A Show

(This can also be found here: https://www.karaokeacrossamerica.com/basics/how-to-add-a-show)

The "Add A Show" link is located under the "Karaoke/Shows" menu above. To add shows you MUST be registered, and logged in to the site. If you do not see the link for adding a show please make sure you are logged in.
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