KAA and Piracy

Howdy karaoke peeps. There was a recent incident in this group where a KJ who didn't know another KJ posted things on the first KJ's thread claiming they were a pirate and asked me to remove the original post due to this alleged piracy. I just wanted to set some things straight here.

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Fun karaoke promotion from Heineken!

Here is a link to a video that was part of a promotion by Heineken beer. Heineken gave a few random strangers the chance to perform their favorite holiday carol in front of thousands of strangers.
Here's the video:

Heineken invited unsuspecting New Yorkers for an evening of #CarolKaraoke at Karaoke Boho in NYC’s West Village– as long as they promised to sing one carol. But at the last minute, they were told their performance would be broadcasted in front of thousands. Those who decided in a matter of seconds to keep singing were broadcasted in well-known public places, including a Jumbotron at an NBA game, on the TV of every NYC taxi for a week and on a famed Times Square billboard.

Heineken also put together a survey on holiday karaoke and found:
•  The favorite holiday tune is "Jiggle Bell Rock" (31%),
•  followed by "Winter Wonderland" (20%).
•  “All I Want for Christmas is You” (13%).
•  56% think karaoke in front of friends and family is less embarrassing than in front of strangers.
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KJ 4.0 Karaoke Summit

This link came from a conversation I recently had regarding a karaoke industry summit that is upcoming.

Any progress is good progress!

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Shout out for KAA!

Interview I did a couple months back for KaraokeFortLauderdale.com!


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Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered

Shamelessly stolen from here: http://thetrichordist.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/letter-to-emily-white-at-npr-all-songs-considered/

Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered

Recently Emily White, an intern at NPR All Songs Considered and GM of what appears to be her college radio station, wrote a post on the NPR blog in which she acknowledged that while she had 11,000 songs in her music library, she’s only paid for 15 CDs in her life. Our intention is not to embarrass or shame her. We believe young people like Emily White who are fully engaged in the music scene are the artist’s biggest allies. We also believe–for reasons we’ll get into–that she has been been badly misinformed by the Free Culture movement. We only ask the opportunity to present a countervailing viewpoint.

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The KAA Take On Singer Rotation...

This post is from my original floridakaraoke.com site from back in the early 2000's.

This is where I explain what I think a fair singer rotation is.....no, you don't have to agree with this...

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